TDS Meter

Total Dissolved Solids, or just simply TDS is a measurement unit used to display the amount of totally dissolved particles in a liquid. These dissolved solids can be anything from Salts, Minerals, Metals… and are a great indication of the purity of a liquid. A low TDS level indicates that the water is rather pure, less likely to scale and good for human consumption. If the TDS level is too high, it indicates the water is contaminated and probably no longer safe for human consumption.

A TDS Meter is a digital hand-held meter designed to measure the TDS level in a liquid. The more minerals, metals or salts a liquid contains, the higher its conductive power. TDS Meters measure the conductivity in a liquid and calculate the TDS level. TDS levels are displayed in Parts Per Million or PPM. You can find out more about TDS Here.

TDS Meter applications

After PH Meters, TDS Meters are probably the second most popular testers in demand on the global market. TDS Meters are used mostly in water-treatment facilities and water-softeners. When used in water-treatment, TDS is a good indication of the amount of contaminants present in a liquid. On average the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking water with a maximum TDS level of 300PPM.

If you have hard water in your local area, you will have a high a TDS Level caused by the high amount of minerals and metals present in the water. You could reduce the TDS level by installing a water descaler for your house. You will find that after the water has passed through the descaler, the TDS level has been reduced drastically. The same principle applies to your small water filters, it removes the metals and minerals from your tap water to make it taste softer and nicer.


TDS Meters

For our customers looking to buy a new TDS Meter, we currently have 2 types of TDS meter in our catalog.

Our BSX-100C Combo meter is a very capable TDS and EC Combo meter available at an attractive price. This small pen-type meter is capable of quick and reliable TDS measurements, easy to use and a good choice in general for people who are just getting started or clients who are only looking to do a few measurements per year.

If you need a TDS Meter suitable for daily operations, designed for durability and precision. Discover our GT-200S Meter. This is our premium GT-Series multi-meter, capable of not only measuring TDS, but also EC, Salt and Temperature. Our GT-Series all feature a durable, shock-proof design with IP67 rating, high resolution LCD display, battery indication, easy automatic calibration and replaceable electrode.


TDS Meter Calibration and Storage

Both our TDS Meters can be calibrated, however a TDS meter does not need to be calibrated often and this should only be done if you are certain the meter is no longer measuring precisely. Read the manual of your TDS Meter carefully and make sure only use fresh Conductivity Standard.

Make sure you dry your TDS meter after each, be careful not to bend or damage the sensitive electrodes. Store your TDS Meter in a dark and dry place, at room temperature and out of reach of children.