Digital Meters

A wide collection of digital handheld meters available in a BSX-Series and GT-Series version, depending on the demands of our customers. Discover our assortment of accurate pH Meters, EC Meters, TDS Meters and Salt Meters. Designed for rapid response, accuracy, durability, and longevity.

Not only do we offer digital handheld meters, we also distribute premium calibration solutions for all our meters and electrodes. Keep your meter calibrated and accurate and remember to store it carefully out of reach of children.

PH Meter

The pH Meter is probably the best-known digital meter in the world. Measuring the pH level, or acidity, accurately, within seconds is often the first step in understanding the balance and quality of a liquid. We have 2 ranges of digital pH meters in our catalogue today. Our BSX-Series PH Meter is a perfect beginner pH meter. It is the ideal pH tester for people new to pH measuring or customers who only need a simple solution and don’t need to measure pH every day. For example, people who are just starting out with fishkeeping and aquariums, your first above ground swimming pool, laboratory kit, Spa or Jacuzzi… Our GT-Series is our Premium range of handheld pH meters, available in a pure pH meter and an immensely popular Combo pH and EC meter. The GT-Series are durable, robust digital meters designed for daily and intensive use. They feature new and improved hard- and software features for improved accuracy and response and have a replaceable electrode so you don’t need to purchase a completely new meter when the time has come to change your electrode. All our pH meters feature easy automatic calibration, you can find our pH calibration solutions right here.

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ORP Meter

Oxidation Reduction Potential can be measured with a digital ORP Meter. Our Premium Metyec® GT-Series is our top of the line ORP Meter. ORP Meters are used predominantly for pool water treatment systems, laboratories, and food production. Like all other GT-Series meters, it features a strong, robust design that is water- and dustproof up to IP 67, large high-resolution LCD display with battery indication, easy automatic calibration and a replaceable ORP electrode. Just looking for ORP calibration buffer to calibrate your ORP Meter? Have a look at our professional ORP Calibration solutions.

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EC Meter

Electrical Conductivity, or EC can be measured with an EC Meter. EC is an important value, used in hydroponic systems and the production and cultivation of plants on a professional scale. It allows you to monitor and optimally dose nutrients, so your plants and crops can grow with maximum potential. Our EC Meter is available in both our BSX-Series and our premium GT-Series, choose the EC Meter that fits your needs the most.

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TDS Meter

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS are measured with a digital TDS Meter. TDS can be Metals, Minerals and Salts that are dissolved in a liquid. A high TDS Level indicates there are a lot of dissolved particles, that could potentially damage your equipment or make drinking water unsafe for consumption. TDS Meters are popular tools used to measure the hardness of water or the quality of drinking water. We have a TDS Meter available in a BSX-Series and GT-Series version. Please look at both models and buy the one that fits your needs the most.

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Salt Meter

Measuring the level of salt in a liquid or water with a Salt Meter is quick and easy with our popular Meytec® GT-200s Salt Meter. If you have a saltwater aquarium or reef aquarium, you need to regularly monitor and adjust the salt content of your aquarium. You want to maintain the perfect salt level to keep your eco-system balanced and healthy.

Recently Salt meters or Salt testers have become immensely popular for pool owners who use salt-chlorination to disinfect their pools. Salt is added to the pool (usually between 1 and 5 grams per liter) and through electrolysis the salt molecules are split, producing chlorine in a closed cycle. A Salt Meter is recommended because these salt-electrolysis machines require a certain salt level to be present in the pool water. Above or below this salt level, the machine will go into alarm and stop production, or it could even damage the expensive cell of your salt-chlorination device. So measure the salt level of your pool regularly, and top up when necessary.

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