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Professional Buffer Solutions

Calibrate your instruments with confidence and accuracy. Order your pH, ORP and Conductivity Calibration solutions and keep your meter and electrodes measuring accurately.

Our range of buffer solutions is suitable for professional use in laboratory, pool, aquarium, garden, brewing...

Certified Buffer Solutions, order now online!

NEW: Buffer Solution Sachets

Our new range of Meytec® Sachets offers you the perfect quantity and quality for a perfect calibration.

Sachets are available for pH, ORP and Conductivity calibration.

Calibration Kits

All your favorite Buffer Solutions together in a kit.

More and more pH meters, electrodes and automated water-treatment systems require multiple buffer solutions.

Save time and money with our pre-selected calibration kits.

Avoid spilling and contamination

Our 250ml bottles come with built-in dosing. Minimize spilling and keep your buffer solution fresh for longer.

Available in pH and ORP Buffer Solution, Conductivity Standard and Storage Solution.

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